Anime & Gaming Convention

Refund Policy and Rollovers

ShikkariCon is run by ShikkariCon Entertainment Inc., a 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporation.

As such we will follow the examples of fellow nonprofit-based conventions, with further recommendations from our legal counsel, for how memberships are sold. This includes our refund policy. As a nonprofit we are selling memberships (the badges) to the convention not tickets, with the money raised going to pay for the costs of the convention, with whatever is left over used to pay for the next year, and the next, and so on. With that said, we now have the policy to rollover unused memberships. Once purchased, if an attendee is unable to come, for whatever reason, we will place their membership into the following year’s attendee list at no extra charge. We will no longer be issuing refunds. Their membership will remain in the attendee queue until it’s used. So, even if someone can’t come, for example, college in another state for X years, when they’re able to come again, the membership is ready for them.

We implore everyone to fully read through all of our policies and follow our social media posts prior to purchasing a membership so you can make an informed decision.