Refund Policy and Rollovers

ShikkariCon is run by ShikkariCon Entertainment Inc., a 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporation, under Private Foundation Section 509(a).
As such we will follow the examples of fellow nonprofit-based conventions.

ShikkariCon is an annual membership based convention (the badges) not a ticket based one. Money raised from the sales of memberships goes to future conventions, expenses, and promotions. None is used as payment to staff. As such we will not refund for membership purchases. If someone is unable to attend, for whatever reason, we will rollover the membership to the next year at no added cost, and keep rolling that membership over until it is used.

For vendors and artists, we will refund table sales up to a month prior to the start of convention (11:59pm July 17th). After that there will be the option to rollover the slot to the next year. We feel a month is enough time to offer the slot to another vendor/artist.

We implore everyone to fully read through all of our policies and follow our social media posts prior to purchasing a membership so you can make an informed decision.