Artists & Vendors

Deadline: 11:59pm May 1, 2024

Vendors: $100 for two badges, two 6′ tables (may adjust placement/angle), two chairs.
Artists: $50 for one badge, one 6′ table, one chair.
Artist/Vendor Helpers: Additional badges will be available for $15 each online and at the con.



Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are vendors and artists chosen? – Generally first come, first served. Firstly, items must be either anime or gaming related (or both). Next is seeing an online storefront with your items (site, Etsy, etc). Finally, we try to have a broad variety of items available for customers.
  2. What if I need helpers? – Additional badges will be available for artists and vendors for $15 each.
  3. Will there be a setup up and breakdown down times? – There will be time Friday night as well as Saturday morning. Exact times TBD.
  4. How do we do load-in/load-out? – All of your stuff will need to be moved in and out via the hotel’s main entrance.
  5. Will I be required to have insurance? – Hilton Hotels has waived the insurance requirements due to the types of items being sold. As long as we don’t add a weapon vendor we’re good.
  6. How do we pay for the space? – Once you’re accepted you will receive instructions for payment via our registration system. This year will be via TicketLeap. Leap Events is formerly known as GrowTix and created a great ticket system for smaller events such as ours.
  7. Are there any items we’re not able to sell? – We are a family-oriented convention so please use your best judgment for who may see your items. Also weapons, bootleg items, food or beverages. Exceptions are Japanese food and beverages, such as what Camp Anime brings every year.
  8. What are your policies for COVID-19?
    We currently do not required vaccination proof or masks. However, we will have a supplies of masks and hand sanitizer packets for anyone requesting them.
  9. For any other questions, email