Sit back and relax as we tell you a tale of how an anime convention came into existence thanks to a group of college aged, geeks…

Shikkaricon was originally founded in 2006 by the BC3 Anime Club at Bucks County Community College. The convention came about as a way to offer a community event and raise money for a charity. The original members of the club were at a loss for what type of event they wanted to do. They wanted to offer something…different. We (the members of the club at the time who have long since graduated) decided to host a small anime convention at the college and expected 50 people tops to show up, with proceeds going to the USO.

We were originally a one day event and when we opened the doors on that day in 2006, we ended up with around 250 people in attendance!
We held the convention again in 2007 for a day and almost doubled our attendance!

After the original members and founders graduated, the con went into a hiatus state and was ran again by the current club in 2015. The con then returned into another hiatus period…until now.

Shikkaricon Opening

During the Fall of 2007 BC3 Anime Club hosted 2007 Shikkaricon. I filmed the entire film and finally have broken it down to about 2 hours with Panels, Cosplay, Guests, ect… included. This is the opening of the DVD film that gives a little preview and advertises on facebook for the sale of the DVD.

Posted by Amber Ryder on Wednesday, June 4, 2008

This video was from the second Shikkaricon held in 2007; thanks to Amber who had recorded it! 

Shikkaricon had its first re-run in 2019 at William Way LGBTQ Community Center in Philadelphia, PA on October 19th & 20th, 2019.

The convention is currently run by Shikkaricon Entertainment, Inc. a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. 

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