Video Games and Tournaments

Here yee! Here yee! Prepare your gamer senses! Stretch your digits!
Wipe the rust off your hand-eye coordination!
It’s going to be an EPIC ShikkariCon for gaming! Care of Origin Of Play!
Tentative Consoles:
Xbox Series X – Xbox 360
PS4 – PS5
Nintendo Switch – PC
N64 – Gamecube
Sega Genesis – And more….
Tentative Open Play Games:
Smash Bros Ultimate – Tekken 7
Dragon Ball Fighters Z – Street Fighter 6
Mortal Kombat 11 – Demon Slayer
Mario Party – Mario Tennis
Sonic – Mario Kart
Power Rangers Battle for the Grid – Guilty Gear Strive
007 Goldeneye – Marvel versus Capcom 3
Tony Hawk – And much more….

Tournament sign-ups will take place at the Origin of Play table near ShikkariCon
Registration as well as at the video game section of the Terrace.

Saturday Tournaments

Sunday Tournaments