Cosplay Contest

Welcome to Shikkaricon’s Costume Contest!
Applications are not open yet. Stay tuned!

Rules and other info:

  1. Contestants are required to have either an All Weekend 16+, Saturday 16+, or Child badge to enter
  2. All cosplays must be made by the cosplayer (80%+) Parts may be modified from purchased items. Images and/or videos of the creation process(es) must be available during prejudging.
  3. Contestants must register for the contest in advance, either online or before 3pm Saturday Aug 17th in the Cosplay Repair/Contest room (Spruce Conference Room).
  4. Contestants must be able to check-in by 3pm on Saturday of ShikkariCon in the Dealer/Artist Room (Chestnut).
  5. Prejudging – Times will be given out at check-in and done in the Cosplay Repair/Contest room (Spruce Conference Room).
  6. Award presentation – Seating approximately 8pm, presentation beginning at 8:15pm and running to approximately 9pm.
  7. Photos will taken during the presentations and a group photo of all contestants will be taken at the Terrace staircase after.

Competition Categories (awards for each):

Adult (18+) – Master

Adult (18+) – Journeyman

Adult (18+) – Novice

Teen (13-17)*

Youth (6-12)*

* = In the event there is only one entry for Youth and/or Teen, we will move them up to the next category.

Additional awards:

Best of Show

Prop/Weapon Craftsmanship

Judge Awards (judge favorites)


Children under 6 years old