Shikkaricon 2021 UPDATE
Hello everyone! We thank you for your patience as we worked behind the scenes on Shikkaricon.

After careful consideration from the combination of survey results, our financial outlook, and attendance predictions:

We’ve decided to postpone the in-person Shikkaricon once again to 2022.

However, we felt having two straight years with no con at all wouldn’t be optional for our future.
We’ve started plans to hold our first virtual con, which will be held the weekend Shikkaricon was originally scheduled (August 14th & 15th, 2021)

We will have more information in the next few weeks as well as applications for panelists, dealers, and artists.
If you already applied to be a dealer/artist, we have your applications and will be going through them shortly.

We’ll also post the dates for 2022 as soon as those are finalized with the Doubletree. Stay tuned!

Shikkaricon is an anime and gaming (video game and table top) convention based in Philadelphia, PA.

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Shikkaricon is presented by Shikkaricon Entertainment, Inc.