• Shikkaricon is an all ages event; any children 16 years old and under MUST be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older. Shikkaricon cannot supervise children/teens, so if any child/teen is found without a supervising adult at the event, the responsible adult will be contacted to come pick up their child/children or to remain at the event with them. If we cannot get a hold of the responsible adult, we will call the local police.
  • All attendees must have a badge to attend Shikkaricon. No one will be allowed into the convention without a badge. Badges are non transferrable and cannot be shared between attendees. If you are found to be sharing your badge, you will be banned from the convention. We have a strict attendance cap of 150 attendees (grand total of 200 people which includes vendors/artists/guests/staff) and cannot exceed this amount of people in the building due to fire codes. If you are a vendor/artist/table swap/press badge holder and are found to be sharing your badge, you will be asked to leave immediately and will be banned from future Shikkaricon events.
  • All attendees must clearly display their badges at all times and staff reserves the right to ask an attendee to show their badge. Any individual without a badge will be asked to leave the premises before further action is taken.
  • Badges are nonrefundable and cannot be sold to another attendee or transferred.
  • Badges grant attendees two days of access to the convention; there will be no one day badges available.
  • Seating for events, panels, etc. is first come, first served. To keep spaces open, staff may restrict additional attendees from entering filled panel and event rooms.
  • Staff reserves the right to discretionary action against any possible rule violations. This includes appropriate use of warnings, restrictions, or removal from con premises. 


  • Cosplay is allowed at Shikkaricon! Please keep in mind that this is a family friendly event when choosing your costume. If you are wearing a costume that is too revealing (more than a bikini), you will be asked to change, or if you don’t have a change of clothes, asked to leave the convention to change.
  • Props can be no larger than 3 feet in width or height; you also must be able to pass through the hallway on one side and not take up the whole hallway with the width of your costume (traffic flow is hallways, so keeping this space accessible is extremely important).
  • Props will be checked during pre-registration/registration; if your prop does not meet the guidelines above, you will be asked to leave your prop in your vehicle.
  • No weapons are to be brought to the con. This includes any live steel (swords, spears, axes, bows, crossbows) and fire-arms of any kind. Exceptions can include wooden props deemed appropriate by staff and any prop which is clearly incapable of serious bodily harm. Staff reserves the right to deem a prop inappropriate and ban the object from entry. Gun replicas that resemble real guns are also not allowed at the convention.Gun-like props from video games (ex: Overwatch, League of Legends, etc) are allowed provided they meet other prop criteria above. Props also may not fire any projectiles. 

Harassment/Consent Policy

  • Photography: If you wish to take a photo of a fellow attendee or staff, then you must ask their permission first. Unsanctioned photography and video is banned and violators may have their con privileges terminated. If someone says no to a picture, respect their wishes. 

  • Convention staff may be taking photos/videos of the event for convention coverage; there will also be press at the convention. All attendees agree to having their photos taken and being used by Shikkaricon for promotional purposes only; if you do not want your photo or likeness used, please reach out to us at conchair@shikkaricon. We will have a form at con that can be signed by attendees if they wish to not be photographed by the convention. For press/staff: There will be special designation for attendees who do not want their photo taken at con (sticker on the badge, sticker to wear on themselves, still TBD). Please respect attendees wishes.
  • Fighting Policy: Fighting is prohibited and will result in immediate removal from the premises and a ban will be implemented immediately. Necessary reports to law enforcement will be taken.
  • Harassment: Harassment of any kind is prohibited and accusations of such behavior will be taken seriously. This includes behavior and language of violent, sexual, obscene, and inappropriate nature.  Reports of such instances will result in immediate responses from staff, and may result in reports to the local authorities, in addition to con privileges being revoked. Harassment include unwanted touching, speech, advances, looks, threats, and stalking, both electronic and physical.Please report any cases of harassment to con staff IMMEDIATELY. 

If you see something, say something to staff immediately!

General Attendee Information

  • Please remember, we are a family friendly event when choosing what you wear to the convention.
  • In addition to proper attire, please keep your personal hygiene in an appropriate state by showering and using deodorant to prevent “con funk.” Offenders will be asked to leave if the necessary measures are not taken. 

  • Soliciting is prohibited and signs and shirts with language deemed inappropriate or obscene are banned. Examples include “free hugs” t-shirts, curse words, and derogatory language. Non-prohibited signs and shirts would be those that are related to a cosplay. 

  • Unapproved solicitation (putting/handing out flyers for another event, club, etc) is prohibited from the convention. If you want to advertise your local club, event, etc., please ask the staff prior to distribution.

  • Items such as hoverboards, skateboards, lighters, scooters, pyrotechnics, and the standard are not allowed in the venue. 

  • Smoking, Vaping, and Alcohol/Drug use are not permitted on venue property. Any attendees found to be using any of these will be asked to leave the premises and may be banned from future Shikkaricon events.
  • Staff is not responsible for personal items and staff reserves the right to appropriately deal with lost items. There will be a Lost & Found at con for any lost items. 

  • Please keep the con flow open and going; also follow traffic flow (there will be signage). As such, do not block the hallways, room entrances/exits, and bathrooms. Staff will ask you to move.

  • Please respect the venue by not running, jumping, and climbing. Vandalism, such as painting or drawing on walls is also prohibited. We want venues to want to have us back as well as become more welcoming for anime conventions, so please respect the venue!

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