Anime & Gaming Convention

COVID Policy for 2023


All attendees, artists, vendors, and guests are required to show proof of Covid 19 vaccination.. Although restrictions have changed at Federal, State, and local levels, we are retaining caution to protect the safety and health of all guests. No, we are not taking questions regarding this matter and will not make accommodations. Registration will direct you to this page.

Vax proof is either:

A) Physical vax card showing two shots of Pfizer/Moderna or one shot of Johnson & Johnson. Boosters are encouraged, but not mandatory.

B) Pennsylvania State’s COVID app showing the vax shots mentioned above.

C) NY’s Excelsior Pass app showing the vax shots above.

D) The state app from your respective state if you’re not from PA or NY showing the vax shots mentioned above.

Masks this year are OPTIONAL. However, we ask all attendees to be respectful of those who choose to wear or not wear masks.

If you are feeling ill and are showing symptoms of Covid 19 (or any communicable illness), please refrain from attending the convention.