Alex Strang/CyberGecko Games

Alex is a Glasgow-born game designer, event producer and manga artist, currently lost in Philadelphia, mostly due to a poor sense of direction. In his efforts to return home, he has created such wonders as the long-running Puppet Karaoke Universe Show, The Mr. Buckethead Show, and the Movie Plotz Improv Comedy Show (and card game!). He is completely responsible for publishing countless board games, party games, and large group games, such as Hyper Battle Kaiju Fight, Toon Trubble, UFO Smash and Super Giant Monster Showdown, to name exactly four. (there are probably 100 at this point). Alex is also a kaiju-designer (!) and manga artist, with characters such as Electro Galaxy Fighter Dynrathe and Dinosaur Fighter Saurac. His work has been featured in many places, including publications and art exhibits. If encountered, On top of all of this, he is a self-taught tokusatsu guru and can talk toku all day and night. Alex can be unashamedly swayed by good chocolate, good coffee or good curry (in no particular order).

Steel Samurai Band

Performing Sunday Only!
Steel Samurai, since December 2013, has dug up the most ancient, unused and obscure video game compositions and re-forged them into brutal-yet-richly-textured power-rock instrumentals with delicately layered guitar harmonies, jazzy organ riffs and skull-pounding rhythms.

Appearing Saturday Only!
Ballin Out Super is America’s only podcast. Each week Alex, Jeremy and Katie watch anime with comedians.

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